An inclusive approach to Change Management.

I had the opportunity last month to tell in different places my story on Change Management, to share with true passion what I learnt from people I like and approaches I believe in. Working out loud, here the images.

Remember… Change Management is like strumming a Ukulele… Down-Up Up-Down Up-Down … Each song has its own, combined with chords. Create your own song that stick.

The new Jamstorming app and its dedicated admin panel is launched!

We are proud to announce you the birth of the public and standalone new version of Jamstorming, a simple and enjoyable workshop app, the best tool to save time and increase engagement during workshops.

Jamstorming now indeed offers to its customers an administrator interface to build and manage its workshops by yourself.

The code has been optimized at the same time allowing a very fluid experience for the participants, even on 3G.

Participants can join a Jamstorming through their iPhone, Android phone, tablet or even computer using Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Your admin will allow you to create as many workshops as you want. You can even use them with 3 participants free.

You will find all information on

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Wirearchy HR Tech Paris 2015

Wirearchy definition, developed 10 years ago by Jon Husband is “a dynamic two-way flow of power and authority, based on knowledge, trust, credibility and a focus on results, enabled by interconnected people and technology”. Discover here some key elements of the new collaborative Wirearchy eBook I presented during the HR Tech World Congress.