Sketching notes of what I heard at HR Tech Europe 2014

I was at HR Tech Europe this week. I had the opportunity to follow lots of sessions. I sketched some of them. Here my notes.


— Information is Beautiful by @mccandelishHRTech2014.2

— The kickoff of the Social Transformation work stream by @euan and @dpontefractHRTech2014.3

— Generation value through Social Collaboration by Colin Miles, Virgin Media with Sei ManiHRTech2014.4

— Tips and Tools for building a collaboration workplace by Thomas Davies, GoogleHRTech2014.5

— The Future of Work in a digital era by @rwang0





— Management 2.0, Business strategy for the C21st organization by @profhamel


Many thanks to the HR Tech team for the awesome organization again this year! See you next year in Paris!


Why I will attend HR Tech Europe 2014

We are almost there. HR Tech Europe 2014 is on the 23 and 24 october in Amsterdam.

HR Tech is to me the best HR Conference in Europe. I always learnt something there.

Here what I expect this year. Here why I will attend HR Tech Europe again in 2014. Here my 4 main expectations.

On Big Data. You won’t be surprised. I love data visualisation. David McCandless will be there. Because it is not about to look at lots of data. It is all about to be able to see.
Also this year we will finally talk more about predictive HR analytics and fact based HR. Nothing new actually, but it seems to be quite difficult for Europe to work seriously on predictive HR. We’ll see.

On the Future Workplace. Transparency. Transparency. Transparency. The word of the year? I am happy to see that Glassdoor will be there too.
More specifically on the future of workplace learning, I like the quote “Effective decision-making and knowledge sharing VS Training and KM acquisition”, further I am looking forward to hear about themes like ‘virtual academy’, ‘Self-directed learning’, ‘Cooperation’ and the idea we evolve from courses and resources to apps.

On the Social Enterprise. I am happy to see there is a full stream back on that theme this year. Looking forward to hear the last use cases. (Disclaimer, Virgin Media will bring his story built with Sei Mani, the wonderful team I am working with).
I expect also nice prospective talks on views like “from product and services to outcomes and experiences” and the uberization of the virtual market place.

On Talent Management. Building a future proof and irresistible organisation, customer centric, by empowered employees, developing ideas, engaged. Just key.

What would be your word of the year for this year HR Tech? Transparency is mine a priori.

Oh yes, Gary Hamel will be there. Don’t miss his keynote. Why can’t you?

The full agenda is here. Unleash your people!