Wirearchy. Sketches for the future of work.

Last month I had the pleasure to read and sketch some ideas and illustrations of the brand new cooperative and collaborative Wirearchy ebook . 
The Wirearchy was defined by Jon Husband 16 years ago as the power and effectiveness of people working together through connection and collaboration taking responsibility individually and collectively rather than relying on traditional hierarchy status. Time flies.

I really enjoyed to read that ebook and I learned lots of new things, visions and approaches.

If you like the concept, if you are interested in organigraphs, network analysis, scenario planning, participative workdesign, network mapping, collaboration to cooperation, PKM, and many more other concepts around it, if you want to discover nice new people, or if just you understood that you cannot repeat what you did before and expect the same results, just order it now here. And enjoy.

W9 Thanks again Jon and Thierry for this journey.

Intrapreneurship. Which disruptive scenarios get us there?

In march (ok, I have some delay in my blog updates) I had the opportunity to sketch a workshop with 10 CIO for the CIOforum Masterclass. Here the result.

Do you bring business value by focussing on efficient services of rather with a agile helping-the-business-to-win-mindset?