My HR Tech World London 2017 agenda Visual Synthesis

I had a deep look this afternoon at the HR Tech World agenda via their great app. 2 days of awesome content to come! Can’t wait to attend these keynotes and visiting DisruptHR.

As usual I sketched a synthesis of what I expect to see, hear and feel. Let’s see this week what will emerge from reality. I will live sketch some keynotes on my twitter account, join me there!

So for me HR Tech 2017 London will be all about…
The Organisation > Creative organisation > Systemic innovation
Experience > User Centred design > Candidate Experience > Employee Experience
Smarter working > Augmented workforce > Ai > Cognitive apps > Bots > Gamified self-coaching > Ambidexterity > Activity based office
Digital transformation > Adoption adoption adoption > Disruptive technology impacts
Talent Strategy > Real-Time Appraisals > Culture of recognition > Predictive Hire > The fully connected candidate > Self-driven learning

See my HR Tech World 2016 Paris post synthesis here.