An inclusive approach to Change Management.

I had the opportunity last month to tell in different places my story on Change Management, to share with true passion what I learnt from people I like and approaches I believe in. Working out loud, here the images.

Remember… Change Management is like strumming a Ukulele… Down-Up Up-Down Up-Down … Each song has its own, combined with chords. Create your own song that stick.

Ron Fry on the culture of dialogue. From good conversations to generative connections…

Ron Fry was in Belgium last week for the HR Leaders Lunch organised by Balance HR and HR Magazine. I had the opportunity to sketch live his presentation.

Ron explained the Appreciative inquiry basics first (See about this the keynote I gave some weeks ago on Appreciative Inquiry and change) focusing on the fact that every change begins with a faithful question and honest curiosity. Because what you study will grow, if you study ‘bad’, you will have ‘not bad anymore’… if you study ‘good’, you will have ‘excellent’…

Starting from strengths (what gives life to a system — your organization) generates more possibilities. A continuous, iterative, dialogue on these will bring you to the first prototype. We move in the direction we interact more about.

Discovering strengths through storytelling generates connections, engagement, contagious positive emotions, new possibilities.

The good and proven news of the day? Storytelling generates Oxytocin. What else?

The word of the day? Generativity (the creation of new images, metaphors, physical representations, etc that have 2 qualities: they change how people think so that new options for decisions and/or actions become available to them, and they are compelling images that people want to act on).

Indeed, research and experiences suggest “positivity”, particularly positive emotion, is not sufficient for transformational change, but generativity is a key change lever in cases of transformational change. (see : Generative process, generative outcome: The transformational potential of appreciative inquiry).

Smile. Resonance is contagious.

Click here to see a higher resolution of the sketch.

Engage in Transformation with Appreciative inquiry

I had the opportunity to talk about Appreciative Inquiry and Change at the first HRBuilders workshop in Paris two weeks ago.

If I had to summarize it in 2 sentences : To change the present, first change the future. Co-create that compelling image of the future by building conversations with/between all your coworkers. Strengths will come out of storytellings on what already exists and could be enhanced in the future.

Check out the slidedeck for more…

By the way do you know the difference between learning and development?