My HR Tech World London 2017 agenda Visual Synthesis

I had a deep look this afternoon at the HR Tech World agenda via their great app. 2 days of awesome content to come! Can’t wait to attend these keynotes and visiting DisruptHR.

As usual I sketched a synthesis of what I expect to see, hear and feel. Let’s see this week what will emerge from reality. I will live sketch some keynotes on my twitter account, join me there!

So for me HR Tech 2017 London will be all about…
The Organisation > Creative organisation > Systemic innovation
Experience > User Centred design > Candidate Experience > Employee Experience
Smarter working > Augmented workforce > Ai > Cognitive apps > Bots > Gamified self-coaching > Ambidexterity > Activity based office
Digital transformation > Adoption adoption adoption > Disruptive technology impacts
Talent Strategy > Real-Time Appraisals > Culture of recognition > Predictive Hire > The fully connected candidate > Self-driven learning

See my HR Tech World 2016 Paris post synthesis here.


HR Tech 2017 : Capturing complexity through people interactions made possible.

HR Tech World London is coming soon and I am wondering if the trends we captured with Thierry de Baillon in Paris last October will be confirmed.

Here how I experienced it.

I really enjoyed last Paris edition.
I’ve been spending most of my time visiting and having great conversations in the disruptHR areas. It was great to see how mature and down-to-earth lots of Change Management approaches and New Ways of Working levers were.
Most of disrupt vendors are, in my humble opinion, dealing with what everyone is trying to achieve these days: to capture complexity through interactions, explore it and making it understandable.

Subjectivity is coming and it is necessary. Quantitative surveys become pointless. It was urgent.

Think about it : coming from connected people and networks, tons of available content and learning chunks are available and the goal is not only to see what a majority is “voting on”, but to go beyond quantitative metrics and learn to deal with more qualitative feedback.

Feedback is the new survey. Helps to build individualisation. Feedback is the way we grow. The way we design the future. (It was the reason although why we created some years ago)

So when I saw so many people telling us stories on how important it is to focus on the way you capture feedback, the way you will integrate and structure or synthetize it, I felt like HR Tech World allowed us to dream something achievable and concrete.

Don’t ask your employees what they want, ask them what they do and involve them in the way you design HR solutions. Then iterate. With them. Again and again.

Ok we are not there yet, but that maturity was perceptible and some were even more talking about the way they develop solutions more than about their own solutions. I liked that!

All data that HR can collect needs to be operated in a way it can serve employees and managers.
The qualitative data collection becomes the product.
Patterns, predictive analytics, behaviours social graphs, natural language processing…
Artificial intelligence is in the air.
Collective intelligence is not anyhow a bot that will create intelligence from scratch but a bot that will help humans to understand, use and reuse intelligence from the crowd.

Understand what is in presence, what exists, see the complexity simplified. But keeping the whole. Learning to see patterns.
Just let the complexity and the diversity come to you.

So don’t create reward, engagement, appraisal plans that are so standardised that they are talking to no one anymore.
Make the complexity manageable.
It might mean that some classic managerial tasks need to move back to teams, teams’ tasks to people, people’s tasks to managers, or even to bots.
It anyway means that we need to reassess the need of lots of old habits we have. The way we have meetings, do appraisal, communicate, develop, train, …

Understand with lucidity what exist in your company and build the best translated global experience…

Nothing really new here actually. But HR Tech World allowed us to see apps and tools that makes it concrete. I hope HR Tech World London will go in the same direction.

Seeing how some HR startups are addressing old problems in a new and simple way was my best moment in Paris.

I feel like London will be awesome too.

At least, it is what I remember when I take back my notes I sketched while attending Paris edition with Thierry.
See you in London?

Sketching notes of what I heard at HR Tech Europe 2014

I was at HR Tech Europe this week. I had the opportunity to follow lots of sessions. I sketched some of them. Here my notes.


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