Jamstorming. Not only a new app, but a brand new way to create more effective and interactive workshops.

We launched a new version of Jamstorming this month. We start our first workshops with new customers in the end of june and we are very excited about it.

Jamstorming is a projet started 1 year ago with David Verbustel and François Lemmens. Our goal is simple: to allow you to create more effective, playful and interactive workshops.

Let’s face it, we all participated quite often to too long workshops where the feedback moments between groups of participants were boring and not really engaging. Each group had to come on stage to present his proposition, it took time, attendees stayed passive, waiting for their turn to present their own. There were almost no interactivity and in the end of the day we had thousand of post-its to put in a presentation, trying to remember what was being said.

There is a better way to do it.

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Jamstorming is almost launched!

Our brand new remotely controlled app will be very soon available for our first customers. We will update our website in the coming hours.

We are proud to use it with our first customers for this new version already in june.