Jamstorming. Not only a new app, but a brand new way to create more effective and interactive workshops.

We launched a new version of Jamstorming this month. We start our first workshops with new customers in the end of june and we are very excited about it.

Jamstorming is a projet started 1 year ago with David Verbustel and François Lemmens. Our goal is simple: to allow you to create more effective, playful and interactive workshops.

Let’s face it, we all participated quite often to too long workshops where the feedback moments between groups of participants were boring and not really engaging. Each group had to come on stage to present his proposition, it took time, attendees stayed passive, waiting for their turn to present their own. There were almost no interactivity and in the end of the day we had thousand of post-its to put in a presentation, trying to remember what was being said.

There is a better way to do it.

Imagine this…

You want to explore with your employees how to enhance collaboration in their work. You cannot ask closed questions. We are in the 21st century. People want to give their opinion. It is a condition for employee engagement. They don’t want to just vote for some top-down propositions. Furthermore, you don’t know what kind of solutions could be proposed.

So you ask them an open question. You organise your employee in little groups around an iPad. They brainstorm and put their ideas directly in the ipad.


When done, they don’t have to come on stage to present to the other groups what their propositions are. They directly check the propositions of the other groups. They categorize, vote, comment them.


In a few minutes you get what emerge.


Of course everyone followed the structure of your workshop, because as a facilitator you have an app to command what screen, what action, all groups simultaneous are getting to see. It’s live.


Fast. You have the best ideas. You have what to work on. Coming from your employees themselves. Appreciative inquiry minded.


Now see this. Of course you want to explore further what kind of actions every group could imagine and develop to solve the just emerged topics. So you go to the next step. Each group makes his own suggestions.


They receive live feedbacks from the other groups.


Based on these feedbacks and votes they choose what are the actions they suggested they have to go deeper in. And they say it live, by putting a star next to it.

6.MyFeedback.ipadminiIn a very short time you see what’s the action plan for all the groups. No need to create a summary after the workshop. Everything is there. In the app, in the database. You export the report. That simple.



Of course during the workshop you can insert closed questions and organize a voting. Giving each participant a voice.

No lost time. More interactions between participants. No data to rewrite and to curate.

Wanna try? Contact us at jamstorming.com.


I am Business & People Interactions Architect. HR and Social Business independent consultant. Future driven and flexible thinker, acting today for Tomorrow. Adoption of collaborative technologies, New World of Work, Employee Engagement, Gamification, Appreciative Inquiry, Conversation Management, HR marketing and Visual Harvesting are my main domains. Partner at Jamstorming. Social Business architect at Sei Mani.

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