Return on Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2013

I won’t write here a complete summary of the Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2013. Others made it really good already.

I just would like to share my visual harvesting of the first morning: @dhinchcliffe@sandy_carter and Robert Shaw were on stage:


I didn’t find the time to draw more on the second day. I was building great conversations with great people. What else.

I also had the pleasure to present my views and experience with Visual (Design) Thinking as change management method. I guess the video will be soon online, meanwhile, here my slides:


At the end of the summit, I also asked all attendees to help me to get an overview of what they learned.

Just a tweet.

Thanks @audrinb, @ClaudeSuper@haikUsages, @richardcollin@tdebaillon, @hjsturm@matthiasviry@TimoteGeimer@elsua, @aponcier, @phomek@renesternberg@o_berard@sthielke,  …  for your help! In a nutshell I understood it like this (see all details in each @link) :

Always put people first. Build a strong purpose. Have patience, take time, make smart steps. Transition is more about adaptability than about adoption. Focus on UX (User experience), CX (Customer Experience), and their own WIIFM (What’s in it for me). Empower and encourage them. Use Mentoring. Find your own motivation. Create social engagement. Fear is nothing bad. Love.


I am Business & People Interactions Architect. HR and Social Business independent consultant. Future driven and flexible thinker, acting today for Tomorrow. Adoption of collaborative technologies, New World of Work, Employee Engagement, Gamification, Appreciative Inquiry, Conversation Management, HR marketing and Visual Harvesting are my main domains. Partner at Jamstorming. Social Business architect at Sei Mani.

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  1. Thank you for sharing my post and for the tweet with the challenge to sum up #e20s in 5 key words or learnings, it helped guide the writing of my post.
    Also thank you for sharing your visual harvesting, I was suddenly reminded of everyone’s reactions when you showed it to us over drinks. Keep sketching!
    Hoping to catch up any time soon,


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