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A Social Enterprise is an organisation designed consciously around sociality and social tools, as a response to a changed world and the emergence of the social web, including social media and social networks.” — Stowe Boyd.
Commonly known as Enterprise 2.0, Social Business, Enterprise Social Network, a Social Enterprise is a set of tools and behaviours that promote open conversations and interactions inside and outside an organisation to achieve business objectives. This leads to more engaged employees, increased innovation and faster business outcomes.

You start a New World of Work project? You see emerge new kind of needs in the way you collaborate, you communicate, you build conversations, you do projectmanagement, you learn, you organize knowledge management, customer care, performance management, HR marketing,… and you would like to move your organization in this direction?
Knowledge sharing, persistance of conversation, connectedness, social navigation, social graph, social filtering, social recommandation,… are not self-evident. You will need to build your own business case.

We help enterprises to define, build and develop their social architecture and the needed people engagement to enhance internal and external interactions via Social Media tools.
We moderate participative and creative workshops as key start to change behaviors and co-create the image of a more collaborative workplace.

We can help your organization to manage this project:

1. Define
We define together your Social Enterprise Strategy, your Social Enterprise project and project management. We help you to choose your Social Tools.
2. Check
We audit your Culture, Leadership Style, Management Model, Work places design, Processes, Ability and Tools, Communities, Engagement.
3. Start
We identify your pilots, observe and iterate.

4. Concretise
We inspire with keynotes and workshops about Social Enterprise.
We co-define the action plan with your organization (Appreciative Inquiry).
We set Goals, CSF & KPI’s.
5. Show
We train your organization and define them the ‘WIIFM’ value, using Visual Thinking and Collaborative Storytelling.
6. Feed
We develop your project with Mentoring, Conversation Management and definition of gamification mechanism.

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