Enterprise 2.0 Summit Live sketchings

During the last #E20S I sketched live almost all practical sessions. You will find here my visual summaries of the keynotes. Enjoy!E20S1 Read more

My Visual Harvesting of a Social Collaboration Workshop

Yesterday @phenrotaux and I we organised a Social Collaboration Workshop to share projects and experiences between 4 enterprises : UCB, Belgacom, Euroclear and Electrabel.

We used the first steps of the HBDI methodology to capture and structure the stories.
We’ll blog about it later, meanwhile, find here what I sketched during the workshop.


My HR Tech Europe 2.013 Visual Takeaways

I had the pleasure to be at HR Tech Europe 2.013 last thursday; met lots of great people; saw a really nice new mobile integration approach (hunite) and attended 3 great keynotes. I sketched live what was said. Here the overview.

HR Tech Europe 2.013 kick off was held by Costas Markides : “How the technologies of the social era are changing the way we do business.”

Costas described the evolution of the new employee (from employee to people) and asked the question : How will HR react to that? 

Employees are less attentive, more connected, more informed, more culture sensitive, make informed choices and are less loyal.

The answer is not in more control. Because you cannot control the new employee. For Costas the answer is in the building of strong shared values, 1 common purpose and a strong culture, a customer-centric behaviour institutionalized, the process to put it in there hart of your co-workers.

Organization will have to create an architecture for more frequent and spontaneous interactions.


I liked one of his last quotes:

What you need for creativity is contructive conflict. Not brainstorming.

Josh Bersin and Katherine Jones in their workshop “Getting Work Done 2020” actually talked about the same. We are in a talent economy, volatile and mobile, more and more based on entrepreneurship. The new employee is still more focused on his own talent, his own ambition, his participation and his performance. The question for HR is how to enhance collaboration between these new employees and how to reward them in a engaging way.

The meaning is in the work. We have to rethink the way HR manage it, to go from job title to skillsets, to reinvent the legal framework, to redefine diversity as inclusion.


I liked the quote:

It is not about jobs anymore, it is all about work.

Talking about reinventing HR, the keynote by Jason Averbook was about Consumerization and Applification of HR.

Starting from a marketing point of view (what’s always a good starting point IMHO), thinking about building an organisation from a document centric approach to a people centric one.

Here again, Jason pointed out that adoption of collaborative and open ways of working is a process. A process based on value discovery. And the good question is “Who’s the value to?”…

We are in perpetual beta and the experience HR has to design has to be Simple, Beautiful, Anywhere and Anytime, bring Value and Purposeful. Indeed!


I liked the quote :

Why do I need a training if the experience is good?

Further, everyone talked about Big Data… Gosh, please, I only saw dashboards… My 2 cents about it: Big Data won’t have real impact on organisation if you don’t rethink it in a “Quantified Self” approach. See my previous post about it. Let’s see next year what’s left…