The Organic Enterprise

Leading organizations in our post-industrial era are made up of networked creative individuals engaging in spontaneous interactions. Their shared activities and intersubjectivity enable positive responses to challenges.

Today’s mechanistic organizations must evolve to adopt an organic enterprise architecture. This in turn can/will generate more commitment and agility. An organic enterprise is one where forms, methods and patterns are shaped as in living systems like cells or organisms up to populations, communities, and full ecosystems.

An organic organization develops purposeful, emergent, user-centric and collaborative methods that continuously enhance learning, curiosity, creativity and efficiency. This provides them with unique advantages to adapt to the needs of all stakeholders in the customer value stream.

From silos to porous membranes, from owning to sharing, from control to trust, from linear processes to social technologies, a new kind of leadership has to emerge.

A HR Tech Europe 2012 Social Business Visual Harvesting

Here my takeaways from de Social Business day in HR Tech Europe 2012  this week in Amsterdam. Thanks @stoweboyd@elsua@willmcinnes,  @bduperrin@sean_house@jasonaverbook, Riccardo Piaggi, Joost Beukers, Matthew Hanwell.