Talent Management

I played with HaikuDeck on my iPad this morning. A nice way to quick create simple and visual slide decks.

Here my first contribution on Talent Management.

Semantic talent management. Spray HR analytics.

Let’s be clear. I am convinced HR analytics are and will be (one of the) key for the development of our HR strategies and for a more active role of HR managers in a business-minded approach. More predictive HR for more business.

There are volumes of posts on this subject. Big Data and HR metrics are definitely on the agenda of the next HRTechEurope.

But maybe are we wrong. Or too late. Maybe is this is still a old paradigm. A too top-down vision of HR.

In our VUCA world, where talents, competences, their evolution and their development are key, we need more agility… of each of us.

Of course metrics dashboard will help HR directors to develop and adapt their strategies, but will it be quick, proactive and engaging enough?
Even more. Is this the role of HR? Have I to wait for HR to develop my competences? To know more about me? To know what I want to build from myself? Of course not. World will have changed meanwhile.

Actually we all need these metrics. My HR manager may have and use them, but the real impact is for me, as a co-worker. I am the one who needs it.

What I want, as a co-worker, is to develop myself. To develop my competences and the knowledge I need to become the one I wanna be. I want feedback and recognition to help me to do it. Every week. Every day. Not once a month.

These HR analytics dashboards will have a real impact on our organisations only when they will (also) provide personal analytics. To real people. A HR personal assistant. 

What will really make the difference from day to day for the company will be the ability for each of its employees to have a personal view on its business, the way each tends to work effectively (or not), what’s going on over time, his impact on business results.

Based on the measure of my activities (imagine an application like Time Sink) with a semantic understanding of used skills, my strengths, each work activity could be validated, contextualized by each stakeholder involved, in relation to me.

Semantic talent management. 

I would like to have an overview of my skills and my profile based on emails exchanged, conversations on collaborations platforms, topics, appreciations of my colleagues and my clients over the content provided…

Why to complete a MBTI profile based on a survey when it could be known on the basis of my work and all the stories created and evaluated by my colleagues?

For more feedback, more recognition, and in real time. A real impact on my ability to develop myself.

We need you HR! To build a personal tool for each of us. Then you will see the results in business.

I will be at HRTechEurope this year in Amsterdam. Let’s meet there! If you want to join, being a senior HR and HR Technology Practitioner, then contact me. I have some codes to share to register with 20% discount or event 2 tickets for the price of one.